2.-11.03 “Orchid Days”

Between 2 and 11 March, visitors of Tallinn Botanical Garden will also be able to see its orchid exhibition, which has become a good tradition over the years and features rare species that can be found in natural habitats as well as varieties resulting from people’s efforts in cultivation. At the weekends, there will also be an opportunity to buy orchids.

Jaan Mettik, head of the department of tropical and subtropical plants, says that the orchid exhibition has been one of the visitors’ favorites over the years. “Orchid Days attract plant enthusiasts from Estonia and abroad alike to Tallinn Botanical Garden and feature numerous species that can be found in the nature as well as cultivated varieties. In addition to widely known moth orchids (Phalaenopsis), the exhibits include a broad range of other tropical orchids, for example, Venus slippers (Paphiopedilum), Vanda, boat orchids (Cymbidium), Epidendrum, Dendrobium, Masdevallia, Oncidium and other species,” Mettik added.

The orchid collection of Tallinn Botanical Garden boasts fascinating history. “Our orchid collection was founded when Oskar Savik (1890-1985), an Australian orchid grower with Estonian roots, donated a selection of his best orchids to the botanical garden in 1960s. By now, numerous rare orchids growing in various natural habitats all over the world have been added to the historical collection of boat orchid varieties. In addition to the above, almost 100 cultivated varieties can be seen at the exhibition, supplied by our partner Flores Aed OÜ,” Jaan Mettik explained.

Visitors can buy interesting orchid varieties at two weekends during the exhibition (2-4 March and 9-11 March). The plants supplied by Flores Aed OÜ, Tallinn Botanical Garden’s long-term partner. In addition, specialists with many years of experience will be giving advice on how to grow orchids at home.

The exhibition is open in the greenhouses of Tallinn Botanical Gardens from 11:00 to 17:00 Monday through Sunday (tickets can be purchased until 16:00). The price of the exhibition is included in the price of a regular ticket.

Additional information: Curators of the orchid exhibition: Jaan Mettik, Eevi Siibak and Ingrid Mägar. Tel.: +372 5196 6960

Open at 11:00-17:00
Tickets available until  16:00
Café open at 11:00-16:00

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