21.-29.09 exhibition “Tastes in the Garden of Senses”

Autumn is the time to take in the harvest which will last you for the winter. Fascinating fruits, leaves, stalks, seeds, bulbs and other edible plant parts displayed at this exhibition have all been grown in TBG’s Garden of Senses.

This exhibition also provides a great opportunity to explore a number of interesting tomato varieties and learn how to grow them.

Moreover, visitors will be able to see for themselves that carrots do not necessarily need to be orange and some cucumber varieties may look more like lemons. In addition to the edible plants we are used to, the exhibition features caigua (Cyclanthera pedata), fenugreek, camelina and other lesser-known edible plants while aromatic herbs produce a refreshing effect.

Grapes from the Saare-Tõrvaaugu horticultural business can also be seen, and young vines can be purchased at the exhibitions.