23.–25.08      Clematises, phloxes and grapevines

Clematises enchant with their blossoms of amazing hues. These plants are indispensable in vertical gardening. There are over 5,000 bred Clematis varieties in the world, of which 150 have been developed by Aili and Uno Kivistik on their farm Roogoja. The exhibition also introduces phloxes with their wonderful brightly colored flowers and beautiful scent. In addition to clematises and phloxes, the exhibition will display plantain lilies, alumroot, Helenium varieties, coneflowers and other perennial flowers grown on Nõrga farm in Viljandi County.

The cultivation of grapevines has been attracting considerably greater interest in recent years. The display of grapevines grown in Estonia provides a great opportunity to obtain an overview of the varieties meant for growing in greenhouses and outdoors. The clematises and grapevines displayed at the exhibition come from Roogoja farm, and perennial flowers come from Nõrga farm. A range of fascinating new varieties of phloxes has been provided for the exhibition by Heli Tomingas from her private collection.

Visitors will be able to buy young plants and get good advice from experienced plant breeders.