8–16 February Exhibition “Stars and weirdos of the plant kingdom”

Just like there are stars and weirdos as well as remarkable or hilarious individuals among
people, there can be extremely peculiar and unusual specimen among plants. Some plants
have such striking appearance they are downright scary, and others are breathtakingly
beautiful. Some plants had better be avoided like plague unless you would like to spend
several hours sneezing. It is amazing how plants can adapt in water, on the ground and in the
air. Other things plants have a variety of are smart hunting techniques and methods, and they
possess a range of traps and tricks for attracting pollinators. These are the stars and weirdos
we will be displaying at the exhibition. Visitors will be able to explore the worm-eating
Philcoxia minensis, Mexican hand tree, jackal food (Hydnora africana), blue sausage fruit and
even Rondeletia buxifolia (Montserrat pribby) as well as a number of other spectacular freaks
of nature.