Exhibition ”Something for Fairies”

Estonian nature is truly wonderful. It is its beauty that inspired the “Something for Fairies” exhibition.

Ema Anni Irs and her daughter Lagle Nõu will show jewellery, buttons and miniature sculptures made from crystal resin, inside of which different flowers and buds, ferns and lichens are captured. The exhibition includes beautiful plants that were gathered with kind permission and under guidance of the gardener of the Botanic Garden of the University of Tartu. They are marked separately.

Eve Labi created geometrics that possess protective magic, and they were inspired by texture of wood and by Estonian sand and clay. They were created for fairies and those with the fairy spirit. The works are made using acrylic paints and coloured chalk.

Our works can be viewed, bought and ordered at the address: www.facebook.com/jaanilill

Contact: anni.irs@gmail.com