Spring bulbous flowers

Tallinn Botanic Garden welcomes visitors on the day of ‘Spring bulbous flowers’

On 12 May, Tallinn Botanic Garden holds a theme day event for entire families, which features the spring flowers that everyone loves.

Colorful bulbous flowers are the first to burst into bloom after the long winter. May is the peak of their blossom season. Early tulips as well as numerous daffodil and hyacinth varieties flower before Mother’s Day. One of the things you can learn on this day is what their mysterious wild ancestors were.

The collection of the botanic garden contains various fritillaries, grass lilies, dog-tooth violets, grape hyacinths, anemones and other bulbous flowers. You will be able to learn about the allied species of the liverleaf and the species of Allium that open their buds the earlies, and many more interesting facts. “By mid-May the beds of bulbous flowers are amazingly versatile and full of colors,” said Tiia Jaanus, the curator of the day event.

At 12:00 on the Saturday celebrating spring bloomers, there will be a lecture on ‘Rare bulbous flowers’. The lecture will include information about those bulbous flowers that start blooming later and those that have already shed their blossoms by mid-May.

Three guided tours in the displays of bulbous flowers will take place: in Russian at 12:00 and in Estonian at 13:00 and 14:00. The thematic guided tour fee is 4.50 € per person (in addition to the admission fee).

A workshop for children will be held from 12:00 to 14:00, where kids can make bouquets for their mothers.

Helga Taimeaed will be selling young plants of interesting perennial varieties during the theme day event. Their comprehensive range includes such fascinating bulbous flowers as fritillaries, varieties of Camassia and Allium and many others. This is where you will also find perennials that can be planted in the alpine garden or shade garden. The most exciting of these are, for example, bellflowers, barrenworts, and rockfoils. Naturally, herbs will not be forgotten either. Payments can be made in cash or by debit card.


Additional information:
Tiia Jaanus, exhibition curator
Tel. 51 966 960