Summer 2018 in Tallinn Botanic Garden

You should definitely come to the botanic garden in summer. In fact, more than once, as there is plenty to see here!

*In spring of this year Tallinn Botanic Garden opened the Kloostrimetsa Farm that once belonged to Konstantin Päts, the first president of the Republic of Estonia, as well as information boards that introduce the gardening culture of the 1920–30s. Visit us and see for yourself, how this unique historical farm of the first president of the country looked like.

*In addition to the information boards describing the plants that were cultivated on the Kloostrimetsa Farm in the 1920–30s, every visitor can actually see many of the summer flowers that were in fashion back in those days with his or her own eyes on the flower beds in front of the Palm House. We have planted or sown 68 types and varieties there, including such plants as treasure flower (Gazania rigens), common sunflower (Helianthus annuus), blood sage (Salvia coccinea), castor bean (Ricinus communis), and many others.

*In spring we invite everyone to visit two big and exciting exhibitions:

On 14 and 15 July we will hold our legendary Rose Days. This time special attention will be paid to rose varieties that were bred in Estonia – they will be marked with blue-black-white stickers.

From 24 to 26 August we will welcome everyone at the “Clematis, Phloxes and Grapes” exhibition.

Both exhibitions will include excursions and sale of nursery plants.

*In July visitors who decide to stop by in the Palm House will be able to enjoy, other than tropical and subtropical plants, the beautiful jewellery made by artist Anni Irs and her daughter. Together they created pieces made of moss, lichen and other plant material cast in crystal resin.

*During the entire summer the open area of the Botanic Garden will host an exhibition of works created by glass art and ceramics students of the Estonian Academy of Arts titled “Omavahel/between us”. With their works the young artists explore topics that are mostly discussed in privacy, “between us”. “Between us” may also mean unity with the nature and the universe, and awareness of its fragility, aesthetics, or, perhaps, playfulness. The works are spread all over the territory of the Tallinn Botanic Garden, and any visitor who wants to learn more about the exhibition can take an informative booklet.

*This spring new workers started their busy season in Tallinn Botanic Garden – bees. We have four Buckfast bee families living in our territory, two of which live in horizontal beehives, and two in vertical beehives. Blooming flowers are spread all over the territory of the Botanic Garden, so the bees will have plenty of work to do.

*Bees are not the only insects that can be found in the Botanic Garden. Here one can discover wintering areas for different insects, as well as insect hotels built as temporary shelters and breeding places. These hotels were made resulting from creativity, enthusiasm and efforts of teachers and students of four schools.

*And of course, the best thing is that during the summer season the open area of the Botanic garden will offer plenty of beautiful blooming plants, such as astilbes, cornflowers, phloxes, lilies, hydrangeas, daylilies, coneflowers, etc.