The greenhouses of the Botanic Garden welcome visitors again

Since January 18, the greenhouses of the Botanic Garden have been reopened. Although the central part of the greenhouse complex, the Palm House, is still closed, visitors are welcome in buildings with tropical, subtropical, and xerophilous plants.

While visiting, please keep in mind that special conditions are maintained in the greenhouses: based on the characteristics of the plants, the humidity and temperature are higher than usual, and air exchange with the external environment is also limited.

No more than ten people (maintaining a distance) are allowed in the greenhouse at the same time. Please follow the 2+2 rule and wear a mask whenever possible.

If you want to stay completely safe, you can visit the greenhouses virtually. The virtual greenhouse has an audio guide in the Estonian language where the botanist Urmas Laansoo will introduce you to plants. Click here: virtual tours

Tallinn Botanic Garden is open to visitors every day between 11:00 and 16:00. An adult ticket costs 2 € and a discount ticket 1 €.