Ticket office and outdoor gardens 11-16, greenhouses 11-16

Events 2023

Date of the event Type of the event Name of the event
03.-12.03 Exhibition Orchid days
20.03 Guided tour Spring starts today!
26.03 Themed day Garbage - changing the attitude
1.04 Themed day What do we mean when we say that energy production is "renewable"?
1.-9.04 Exhibition Indoor plants from around the world
16.04 Themed day Weather and climate
22.04 Themed day Food and environment
24.-27.04 Workshop Plant days during school holidays
1.-31.05 Exhibition Lichens in Andres Saag's photographs and in Estonian nature
6.05 Themed day The pearls of spring
18.-21.05 Exhibition Saintpaulias
20.05 Workshop More variety of plants on lawns
27.05 Workshop More valuable than gold: soil as the basis of biodiversity
10.06 Themed day Nature conservation fair
17.06 Themed day Along the trails of fragrant plants
21.06-05.07 Themed day Peonies
30.06 Workshop Scythe training
8.07 Themed day Summer rock garden
9.07 Themed day Health of the Baltic Sea
14.07 Workshop Spectacular garden pond
15.07 Themed day Medicinal plants day
12.07 Workshop Protection and fertilization of plants in the middle of summer
5.08 Workshop Scythe training
19.08 Themed day Mossy plants in the Tallinn Botanic Garden
1.-3.09 Exhibition Tomato festival
15.-16.09 Workshops Leaf cuttings and autumn plant protection
23.09-1.10 Exhibition Travelling plants
24.09 Workshop From dolma to pesto
23.09-1.10 Exhibition Travelling plants
8. 10. Themed day Pineapple shoes and Mushroom jacket
14.10 Themed day Our daily tea and coffee
20.10- 20.11 Exhibition Exhibition of tapestries "Pae peal"
23.-26.10 Workshop Plant days during school holidays
7.10 Guided tour Autumn in the arboretum
14.10 Guided tour Autumn in the arboretum
21.10-5.11 Exhibition Pumpkin festival
4.11 Themed day Evergreen beauties
11.11 Themed day Greenhouse therapy
26.11 Themed day Indigenous wisdom day
1.12 Birthday of the Tallinn Botanic Garden
2.12 Guided tour Christmas plants from around the world
9.12 Guided tour Christmas plants from around the world
16.12 Guided tour Christmas plants from around the world
2.12 Themed day Organic food

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