Conference Aleksander Niine 110 / Challenges of Landscape Architecture in Climate Change

The conference dedicated to the 110th day of birth of Aleksander Niine that was postponed in spring will take place on October 23 at the Tallinn University.

On 23 October 2020, the Tallinn Botanical Garden together with the Estonian Association of Architects and the Estonian Landscape Architects’ Union will organize an international conference “Challenges of Landscape Architecture in Climate Change”. The conference is aimed for everyone whose activities affect the quality of the contemporary urban environment – urban planners, landscape architects, architects, gardeners – both professionals and decision-makers. It will ask what kind of living environment we want in our cities and what steps we need to take to deal with climate change.

The conference is dedicated to the 110th birth anniversary of Aleksander Niine, the first Estonian landscape architect. Aleksander Niine is one of the pioneers of Estonian greenery culture, who received his education at the University of Reading in England. He was researching and directing the development of landscape architecture and landscape gardening in Estonia, working as an Estonian Academy of Arts lecturer, Estonian Academy of Sciences researcher and landscape architect at Tallinn Botanical Garden.

Experts from Estonia and abroad will be invited to the conference to present visions, social agreements and innovative practices to deal with climate change in cities.


Registration is open until 20 October and is available HEREThose who registered in the spring do not have to do it again and are welcome to take part in the conference in room M-218 of Mare building of the Tallinn University.

NB! The venue has changed! The conference is to take place in the Tallinn University.