19.-21.06 Exhibition of Saintpaulias

Between 19 and 21 June, Tallinn Botanic Garden is holding an exhibition of Saintpaulias, also known as African violets.

Saintpaulias, also known as African violets, are among commonly liked houseplants. There are 20 wild species which grow only in isolated mountainous locations of East Africa, in Tanzania, and in the southern part of Kenya. By now, over 20,000 varieties of Saintpaulias have been developed. There are varieties with plain, polypetalous, green, grey, yellow and multicoloured flowers. The plant genus is named after Baron Walter von Saint Paul-Illaire (1860–
1910), who discovered the plant in Tanzania. In addition to Saintpaulias, the exhibition provides an overview of other genera, for example, Petrocosmea, Sinningia, Codonanthe, widow’s tears (Achimenes), Aeschynanthus, Cape primrose (Streptocarpus), Episcia, “goldfish plant” (Nematanthus), Chirita and others. The exhibition involves collaboration with private collectors. The exhibition will host stalls selling rare Saintpaulia varieties, rooted leaf cuttings, the soil suitable for these flowers and special plant food. There will also be an opportunity to consult specialists on growing Gesneriaceae at home.