22–23 July. Rose Days: “What are you, modern roses?”

July marks the beginning of the season of roses in Estonia. Thousands of flowers in a rich variety of colours open. Some of these enticingly fragrant shrubs open their flowers only for a short period in midsummer. Mostly, these are old garden roses, which only blossom once. Modern roses, however, can be marvelled at for longer periods — they bloom from midsummer to late autumn. What are they? Rhodologists from all over the world agreed to divide roses into two groups: old garden roses and modern roses. The turning point from which the history of modern roses began is considered to be the breeding of ‘La France’, the first hybrid tea rose, in 1867. Roses that were bred after 1867 got their valuable qualities (such as their rich range of colour and recurrent blooming) from the Chinese rose as well as other species and variety groups, which allows us to enjoy the beauty of rose blooms from the beginning of summer until late autumn even in our climate.

Program for both days:

12:00 to 16:00: ask Rein Joost and Else Liventaal for advice

12:00 to 16:00: watercolor painting workshop for children *

12:00 to 16:00: sale of plants and natural cosmetic products **

12:00 – tour in the rose garden (in Estonian)

13:00 – tour in the rose garden (in Russian)

15:00 – tour in the rose garden (in Estonian)

*The watercolor workshop will be held by ‘Värv pintslil’ (‘Paint on brush’) art studio; the separate participation fee is € 9 €. The painting of one watercolor takes around 1—2 hours; apart from that children can join the workshop at any time.

** ‘Helga Taimeaed’ horticultural company will be selling a broad variety of perennial plants. Rein Joost will be selling young rose plants, and natural cosmetic products will be sold by ‘Ingli Pai’ manufacturer.


The participation fee is included in the price of a regular ticket.