May 20–23: exhibition of Saintpaulias

The exhibition of Saintpaulias, which will be held between 20 and 23 May, was prepared in collaboration with private collectors. Visitors will be able to enjoy a display of 200 varieties and also purchase the plants of some rare Saintpaulia varieties.

In addition to Saintpaulias, the exhibition provides an overview of other Gesneriaceae, for example, Petrocosmea, Sinningia, Codonanthe, widow’s tears (Achimenes), Aeschynanthus, Cape primrose (Streptocarpus), Episcia, “goldfish plant” (Nematanthus), Chirita and others.

According to the latest data, the Saintpaulia genus of the Gesneriaceae family comprises 20 plant species in East Africa. In their natural habitat, Saintpaulias are found in the Usambara Mountains in Tanzania as well as on the cliffs and mossy rocks of coastal forests in southeastern Kenya. The first Saintpaulia was described in 1893.

The abundance and versatility of Saintpaulia varieties is amazing: over 20,000 varieties have been developed. There are varieties with plain, polypetalous, grooved and greenish flowers. The number of Saintpaulias sold all over the world every year reaches several million, and their value, over 25 million US dollars. The plant genus is named after Baron Walter von Saint Paul-Illaire (1860–1910), who discovered the plant in Tanzania.

The exhibition of Saintpaulias in the conference hall of the Palm House can accommodate 30 visitors at a time. Please wear a mask and follow the 2+2 rule.