Tallinn Botanic Garden opens the Embassy of the Plant Kingdom in Estonia

Today, the Estonian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Eva-Maria Liimets, the Ambassador of Japan in Estonia, Hajime Kitaoka, and the head of Tallinn Botanic Garden, Urve Sinijärv, held a flag-raising ceremony in the botanic garden to open the Embassy of the Plant Kingdom in Estonia.

In its jubilee year, Tallinn Botanic Garden is collaborating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to offer the foreign embassies in Estonia an opportunity to introduce the biological and cultural diversity of their countries in the botanic garden, raising awareness about the importance of global nature conservation. Each embassy will be able to use Tallinn Botanic Garden and its newly renovated Palm House for up to a month as an event venue and exhibition space.

“It gives me great pleasure to be opening the Embassy of the Plant Kingdom, which, until the end of the year, will provide novel opportunities for interacting and connecting with the embassies in Estonia. I look forward to seeing how various countries will be introducing us to the wealth of their culture and nature, and I invite anyone who is interested to participate in these activities at the botanic garden,” said Eva-Maria Liimets, the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

According to the Ambassador of Japan to the Republic of Estonia, His Excellency Hajime Kitaoka, the botanic garden and the Embassy of the Plant Kingdom are symbols of diversity. The ambassador emphasized that differences must be honoured and celebrated.

“Tallinn Botanic Garden grows plants from all over the world, and one of our primary missions is to ensure their diversity brings nature closer to people,” said Urve Sinijärv, the head of Tallinn Botanic Garden. She added that the strangeness of the past year had particularly highlighted how everything in the world was connected, and the botanic garden was honoured to be raising awareness about global ecology in its jubilee year, collaborating with the embassies of different countries.

Every month, the plants native to the country being represented in Tallinn Botanic Garden will be specially labelled. There will be themed walking tours, workshops and one-day events. May 29 is the Japan Day, when visitors can take part in calligraphy and manga workshops as well as go on a walking tour to Japanese plants with Urmas Laansoo and to a film screening. Until the end of the year, the unofficial flag of the Plant Kingdom will be flying atop of the flagpole in Tallinn Botanic Garden.


The number of participants in all the events is limited, and the 2+2 rule remains in force. Visitors can register for the events on Tallinn Botanic Garden’s web page.


Participants of the project ‘Embassy of the Plant Kingdom’:

May – Japan

June – Russia

July – the US

August – Hungary

September – Poland

October – Georgia

November – Italy

December – Finland