Tomato Festival on 28 and 29 August

Growing tomatoes is rapidly gaining popularity. A great number of tomato varieties has been bred all over the world, with plants varying in taste and color. During the traditional Tomato Days in Tallinn Botanic Garden, you will be able to see well-known varieties of tomatoes along with interesting new ones. In addition to tomatoes of a single color, there are varieties with stripes or patterns, and red is not the only possible color: tomatoes can be orange, yellow, pink, nearly black or white.

The exhibition will feature original tomato varieties from the collections of the Latvian enthusiast Valdis Pūliņš, Kutsiku farm and Tallinn Botanic Garden. Visitors will be able to purchase seeds of original varieties of tomatoes.

Besides tomatoes, a range of grape varieties and Capsicum pubescens peppers from Saare-Tõrvaaugu horticultural farm will be displayed. Visitors will be able to buy grapes and grape seedlings.

The event will include “Edible Plants and Herbs” guided tours in Estonian and Russian. Tours will take place in the Garden of the Senses, on both days starting at 12:00 (the Estonian-language tour guided by Tiia Jaanus) and at 13:00 (the Russian-language tour guided by Maria Strukova).

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