Embassy of the Plant Kingdom

Embassy of the Plant Kingdom

Embassy of the Plant Kingdom in Estonia
Nature and culture days of different countries in Tallinn Botanic Garden


In Tallinn Botanical Garden, you can see plants from all over the world. The natural habitat of our charges ranges from deserts and hot tropical forests to tundra, taiga, and highlands.

Not only we offer plants a new home – we also do our best to introduce visitors to their way of life and teach people to exist in harmony with the plant kingdom.


In other words, we act as the Embassy of the Plant Kingdom.

This work, however, cannot be done alone. This is why in our anniversary year we offered foreign embassies in Estonia an opportunity to introduce the biological and cultural diversity of their countries in Tallinn Botanic Garden. We hope that this way our visitors will be able to better understand the diversity of the world’s nature.

Since May 2021, every month one embassy will be presenting its country.

Every month, plants of that particular country will be marked in a special way on the territory of the Tallinn Botanic Garden. There will also be guided tours, master classes and themed days.


May – Japan
June – Russia
July – USA
August – Hungary
September – Poland
October – Georgia
November – Italy
December – Finland

January – Australia
February – Spain
March – Ireland
April – Greece
May – United Kingdom
June – Denmark

Visit the rich and vibrant plant world!