Visitor center and ticket office 10-19, outdoor gardens 09-20, greenhouses 11-19, territory closes at 21


The Tallinn Botanic Garden Library was created in the early years of the garden with the aim of making the necessary specialist literature and textbooks available for the employees. The library users are also researchers of neighbouring subjects from other institutions as well as students.

The subjects in the library are botany, horticulture, aesthetic horticulture, planting and ecology; its size (as at 24 March 2017) is 14,693 units: containing books (7,490 volumes), serial publications (5,850 units), manuscripts, author’s summaries, offprints, photos and diapositives.

Since 2015, the botanic garden library is connected with the web-based library system URRAM.


Additional info: Andres Tõnisson (, telephone +372 6062 669)

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