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Picnic Areas

We offer picnic areas with the most unique nature and highest number of species found in Estonia, as well as various catering solutions – a children’s menu for a kindergarten graduation party, refreshments for a school graduation reception, rich and varied meals for company outings and other events.

Our selection of picnic areas come in a variety of sizes and include diverse flora:

  • “Rhododendron” (20 × 15 m)
  • “Lilac” (35 × 17 m)
  • “Apple Garden” (60 x 30 m)
  • “Linden” (140 × 70 m)
  • “Larch” (85 × 35 m)
  • “Alpine Garden” (50 × 30 m)

For additional information and booking, contact us (Mon-Fr) at: 5919 1797, e-mail:

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