Visitor center and ticket office 10-19, outdoor gardens 09-20, greenhouses 11-19, territory closes at 21

Visitor guidelines

Take care of the botanic garden facilities, plants and animals and do not harm them. Please dispose of garbage in the designated area.

Smoking is prohibited on the territory of the botanic garden.

It is not allowed to bring alcohol or other narcotic substances into the botanic garden area.

Driving on foot and scooters is prohibited on the territory of the botanic garden.

Pets are not allowed in the botanic garden area.

Collecting, cutting and digging of plants in the botanic garden is prohibited.

If you want to organize a larger event or photo session on the territory of the botanic garden, please contact the staff of the botanic garden.

Do not climb trees or step on flower beds or planting areas.

Please monitor your children’s behavior and make sure they do not damage the plants, animals and facilities of the botanic garden.

We hope that following these rules will help ensure a pleasant visitor experience for everyone!

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