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Tallinn Botanic Garden Friends’ Society

Tallinn Botanic Garden Friends’ Society is formed of enthusiasts who want to increase their knowledge about the plant kingdom as well as contribute to the continued development of the botanic garden by providing advice and support. Friends of the Tallinn Botanic Garden find it important to know and spread their knowledge about how to grow decorative plants indoors in one’s home garden, in parks located in cities or urbanised areas; how to preserve and protect the wonderful diversity of nature; how to create a healthy living environment, etc.

Tallinn Botanic Garden Friends’ Society was established in 1995 with the aim of facilitating the development of the Tallinn Botanic Garden and spreading knowledge botany, horticulture, and nature conservation.

We expect members of the society to:

  • Have an interest in nature and a friendly attitude towards the botanic garden.
  • Actively participate in events organised by the society.
  • Pay their membership fee on time.
  • Provide help with finding sponsors, and potentially make material donations.


In turn, we offer:

  • Free access to the botanic garden.
  • Exclusive excursions in the botanic garden.
  • Exciting gatherings and lectures.
  • Tours to botanic gardens in our neighbouring countries at modest prices.


Becoming a member of the society

The fee to become a member of the Tallinn Botanic Garden Friends’ Society is €10. The yearly membership fee is €20. After payment of the accession fee and membership fee, you are accepted as a member of the society, and you will be issued a membership card at the first opportunity.


General data

Tallinn Botanic Garden Friends’ Society

Registry code: 80075638

Bank account: EE412200221013487842, Swedbank


Additional information: telephone 510 2085, e-mail:


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