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Nature study trails

The Tallinn Botanic Garden is situated in the landscape reserve of Pirita river dale. Two study trails have been established to introduce its vegetation and rich biome.

The Nature Study Trail is 3.9 km long and passes through 15 different landforms and vegetation regions: dry meadowland, pine grove, fern valley, mixed oak forest, finding place of bog iron, pine bog, birch grove, alder grove etc. Part of the study trail is located within the fencing of the botanic garden, so seeing it during the summertime requires paying the entrance fee to the botanic garden. Visiting the trail during late autumn, winter and early spring is free. The introductory leaflet for the Nature Study Trail is available at the ticket office of the botanic garden.

The Nature Study Trail

Kloostrimetsa Bog Study Trail is 2.5 km long and has 7 information boards. The entire study trail is located outside the fencing that surrounds the area of the botanic garden. The once 20-hectare Kloostrimetsa bog is now fairly damaged by human activity, and the bog has become a drained blueberry pine bog. The introductory leaflet for the bog study trail is available at the ticket office of the botanic garden.

Kloostrimetsa Bog Study Trail

A free audio guide can be borrowed from the botanic garden’s ticket office. It contains the introduction to the greenhouse and outdoor collections in 4 languages (Estonian, Russian, Finnish, and English) and the introduction to the study trails in 3 languages (Estonian, Russian and English).

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