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Exhibition “House Plants”

Avaldatud: 14.04.24

Over 100 houseplants will be introduced at the Tallinn Botanic Garden’s exhibition of indoor plants from 20-28 April 2024.

New and exciting houseplants will be on display in addition to already familiar ones. On the weekends, there will be excursions in the greenhouses focusing on houseplants and plant protection. Children will have the opportunity to plant their own houseplants in a workshop.

According to Urmas Laansoo, a botanist at the Tallinn Botanic Garden and the curator of the exhibition, the exhibition will feature new plants that do not have names yet in Estonia. In addition, several of the plants at the exhibition have never been displayed at the Botanic Garden before. Next to the newcomers are also familiar plants that can survive on little care and are a good fit for a novice plant lover.

We need and appreciate having a green and healthy environment around us more and more. Houseplants make our rooms cosier and happier. Among them are plants with beautiful foliage and ample flowers – there’s something for everyone.

20, 21, 27 and 28 April at 12:00 Introduction of the exhibition (Urmas Laansoo)
21 and 28 April at 13:00 “My First Houseplant” workshop for children (Tiia Jaanus)
20, 21, 27 and 28 April at 13:00 Plant protection excursions (Pille Hermann)


You need a ticket to the Botanic Garden to participate in excursions and workshops.

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