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Peonies 21.06-05.07.23

Avaldatud: 28.02.23

From June 21 to July 5, 2023, it is possible to get to know the exciting world of peonies and enjoy the midsummer flowering in the Tallinn Botanic Garden. Nearly 300 species-varieties-hybrids of peonies are exhibited.

During two weeks, you can take part in excursions, make flowers, listen to a concert, or walk independently among the fragrant beds.

The weekday-evening curator class teaches simple tricks to pay attention to at home so that plants grow well. With the help of visitors, the most beautiful peony variety of the Tallinn Botanic Garden will be determined!

The tradition of growing peonies as a medicinal and beauty plant goes back several millennia in China, their flowers symbolize royalty, wealth and beauty. The peony as an heirloom plant in Estonia was losing popularity at the beginning of this century, but now it has regained its glory, and varieties and hybrids with fascinating flower shape and color can be found in every garden. Events take place in or near the Peony Exposition.

Sun 25.06 12.00 tour in Estonian (curator Anne Jaakson)
Sun 25.06 13.00 tour in Russian (Maria Strukova)
Fri 25.06 13.00 13.00-15.00 flower making workshop (Pille Hermann)
The "green" excursion (Sat 01.07) starts at the ticket office.

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