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Orhideed Tallinna Botaanikaaed orhideepäevad
Orhideed Tallinna Botaanikaaed orhideepäevad

Exhibition and sale of orchids 01.-10.03.24

Avaldatud: 22.02.24

The annual orchid exhibition of Tallinn Botanic Garden will be open in the Palm House from 1 March to 10 March. Orchids will also be available for purchase on-site and visitors can consult with experienced specialists. Tallinn Botanic Garden has held orchid exhibitions for the past 23 years.

“Blooming orchids are already unique in their nature but displaying them in greenhouses gives an idea of how these wonderful plants grow in their natural environment. This way they can be easily observed and the mystical beauty of each orchid can shine through,” said Eevi Siibak, curator of the orchid days and senior gardener at the Tallinn Botanic Garden. “Every year, we manage to surprise visitors with new installations and some very rare orchids. Which orchid it will be this year is a surprise. In Estonia, this variety of orchids can only be seen at the orchid exhibition.”

Blooming orchids of various species and varieties are on display at the Tallinn Botanical Garden, both in the Palm House and the greenhouses. The families represented include Phalaenopsis, Paphiopedilum, Cymbidium, Epidendrum, Vanda and Stanhopea, among others. Cultivated Cambria orchids are also visually appealing.

At the exhibition, it is possible to seek advice on growing orchids at home from experienced specialists. During the orchid exhibition, from 1-10 March, questions related to growing orchids can be forwarded via e-mail to Questions are answered by the gardeners and head gardeners of the Tallinn Botanic Garden.

At the exhibition, you can purchase blooming orchid plants from Rikets. From 8-10 March, there will be an extraordinary opportunity to buy special orchid plants from Currlin Orchideen, a German orchid gardener who will travel to Estonia specifically for the orchid exhibition.

Tallinn Botanic Garden is open daily from 11:00 to 16:00.

Founded in 1961, Tallinn Botanic Garden is a research, educational and cultural institution that focuses on the protection and introduction of plants. It is situated on a 40-hectare area next to the Pirita River valley. In total, around 9000 plant species grow here in open air and in greenhouses. The mission of the Tallinn Botanic Garden is to preserve, develop and introduce rich plant collections and herbaria and carry out research and nature education work to preserve and increase biodiversity. Tallinn Botanic Garden aims to be the advocate for a modern, environmentally-conscious mindset and the promotion of garden and landscape design.

NB! We recommend that you prefer public transport or a taxi to arrive at the exhibition, because the parking lot is tight due to construction works. Bus lines 34 and 38 go to Tallinn Botanic Garden, bus 49 goes from the Airport and Viimsi.

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