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Tallinna Botaanikaaed Taimede rännakud
Tallinna Botaanikaaed Taimede rännakud

Exhibition “Plant Journeys” 23.09-01.10

Avaldatud: 17.09.23

Plants aren’t typically great travellers on their own, but they can cover long distances with the assistance of humans, animals or natural forces, sometimes even crossing into other countries or continents.

In the exhibition “Plant Journeys,” open from 23 September to 1 October between 11:00-19:00, we present the historical journeys undertaken by plants used for food and other purposes from their natural habitats to the locations where they are now cultivated. While we commonly associate potatoes with South America, this region is also the native home of tomatoes, peanuts, cocoa, peppers, maize and tobacco.

Many significant historical figures have played a role in the journeys of plants. For example, during Alexander the Great’s conquests in the East, his armies became familiar with numerous new plants. They brought back many fruits and seeds that are familiar to us today. Many exotic spices, aromatics and herbs found their way from Asia to the Mediterranean through the famous Silk Road. In the exhibition, we will explore the native regions of cucumbers, pumpkins, wheat, rye and many other well-known food items, as well as the journeys they have taken to reach us.

As part of the exhibition, a popular workshop will be held on 24 September, led by grape grower Nele Jaago. The workshop will take place in the Palm House workroom and attendance is based on prior registration. Please note that the number of spots is limited.

On the weekends of 23 and 24 September and 30 September and 1 October, at 14:00, methodologist Krista Kaur will conduct a curator lesson. Participants will be introduced to the plants associated with journeys in the exhibition hall, greenhouses and the Garden of Senses

The project is a part of the Green Capital special programme.

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