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vikatiga niitmine tallinna botaanikaaias
vikatiga niitmine tallinna botaanikaaias

Hand scythe training on August 5 at 12:00

Avaldatud: 01.07.23

This summer's last hand scythe training day will take place on August 5 from 12:00 to 15:00 at the Tallinn Botanic Garden.

In the morning, Liivi Mäekallas, curator of the Hand scything day and head gardener of the Tallinn Botanic Garden, will talk about meadow care using the example of a four-year-old meadow. Together we will learn what types of plants grow in the meadow, what should be removed and why, and what to sow, how to plan sowing, taking into account the characteristics of plants.

The practical part of the day will be opened by hand scythe specialist Priit Kukk, who will share his knowledge and give useful tips on handling and caring for a hand-made scythe. Under his guidance, everyone will be able to practice mowing in the oak forest of the Tallinn Botanic Garden.

You can come to the practice with your own scythe, or you can take the one that is offered on the spot. Participation in the training is possible upon prior registration and with a regular entrance ticket to the Tallinn Botanic Garden. Registration is available at https://bit.ly/vikatiga

We will gather at 12:00 by the ticket office.

Mowing will take place in an oak forest: the path passes through a pond and a flower garden of rhododendrons and then leads to the oak forest. Near the cash register there are signs leading to the place of mowing.

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