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Pumpkin Festival 21 October - 5 November 2023

Avaldatud: 12.10.23

Do you know a vegetable that works equally well in soups, salads, jams, savoury pies and sweet cakes? It has edible seeds, and those with skill have even fermented wine from its pulp. Because of these excellent features, the pumpkin is deserving of special attention. That is why late autumn in the Tallinn Botanic Garden is dedicated to the pumpkin. Autumn is a time for experimenting, baking and exploring new flavours to add to your diet.


We invite everyone to share their favourite pumpkin recipes.

You now have the opportunity to share your favourite recipe through the Tallinn Botanic Garden Facebook page, so that others can also enjoy a delicious meal. To do this, take a photo of your pumpkin dish and email it to aed@botaanikaaed.ee along with the recipe. All submitted recipes will be entered into a lottery for an annual pass to the Tallinn Botanic Garden.


Gardening Lesson and Pumpkin-Making Workshops

If you still do not really know what a summer squash, bottle gourd, ornamental squash, sponge gourd or courgette is, then it’s time to take part in the Gardening Lesson, where you will learn which of these pumpkins are a feast for your palate and which for your eyes. In addition to the exhibition, you can also take part in crafting workshops on the weekends. We will be making pumpkins from different materials, which participants can take home as a keepsake and a reminder of the day.

You can learn more about pumpkin cultivation through a variety of lectures and guided tours:

On 22 October, 28 October and 29 October at 13:00-14:00: Gardening Lesson with Ave Visnapuu, senior gardener of Tallinn Botanic Garden who has cultivated pumpkins.

On 21 October and 4 November at 11:30-12:30 there will be a guided tour in Russian with Maria Strukova.

Pumpkin-making workshops for both adults and children will take place on:
21 October, 22 October, 28 October, 29 October, 4 November and 5 November at 12:00-15:00 with Pille Hermann.

The exhibition pumpkins have grown and flourished under the watchful eye of the gardeners at Tallinn Botanic Garden. Some additions have also come from South Estonia.

The pumpkins for the exhibition have been cultivated and cared for by: Ave VisnapuuPille HermannÕnne KuriksTiina MarjapuuTiia Jaanus and Anne Jaakson.


Guests wearing pumpkin-inspired costumes will be entered into a prize draw.

To make the Pumpkin Festival more fun and memorable, you can come to the festival wearing a pumpkin-inspired costume. All costumed visitors will have the chance to win one family pass, one annual pass and several Tallinn Botanic Garden souvenirs each week.

How to participate? Post a picture of yourself in costume to your Instagram or Facebook story and tag the Tallinn Botanic Gardens @botaanikaaed. If your story isn’t public or you don’t use these social media channels, then please email us a photo of yourself in costume at aed@botaanikaaed.ee.

During the festival, the Palmimaja cafe will be serving pumpkin dishes on the weekends.


Admission with a Tallinn Botanic Garden pass.

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