Ticket office and outdoor gardens 10-19, greenhouses 11-19

Pumpkin Festival 21.10-05.11.23

Avaldatud: 12.04.23

The Pumpkin Festival introduces various pumpkin varieties grown in Estonia and Latvia, pumpkin cultivation techniques, and offers pumpkins, seeds of different varieties, and pumpkin products for sale. The café serves pumpkin dishes on weekends.

The aim of the Pumpkin Festival is to raise awareness among people about pumpkin cultivation and organic farming, and to help and inspire home gardeners in their own small gardens. The pumpkins at the Tallinn Botanic Garden are grown by Ave Visnapuu, curator of the Garden of senses, and plant protection specialist Pille Hermann, who share their knowledge with festival visitors.

Self-grown and organic farming are trendy and should be encouraged at all levels. At the Pumpkin Festival, we also learn that Halloween, the night before All Saints' Day, dates back over 2000 years and is a traditional Celtic festival called Samhain, which marks the end of summer and the beginning of the new year.

The Pumpkin Festival features guided tours in both Estonian and Russian, as well as exciting workshops.

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